Two people were arrested during the Celtic parade and dozens were taken to hospitals

Hundreds of thousands of Boston Celtics fans took to the city’s streets Friday to celebrate the franchise’s 18th NBA championship, cheering as players rolled from TD Garden to the Hines Convention Center on a fleet of duck boats.

For most fans, it was a day where dreams were fulfilled and faith was rewarded, but one police officer was injured, two people were arrested and dozens were taken to hospitals during the festivities, according to city officials and police reports.

Charges include disorderly conduct, vandalism and assault and battery. One of those arrested was taken to the Nashua Street Jail for booking, and officers brought the other to the South End station at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Plumpton Street. Both their hometowns were redacted from police reports obtained by the Globe.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said live on CNN Friday morning that the city is preparing for more than 1 million fans to attend this year’s parade. Law enforcement and emergency response agencies will provide high security and safety measures, he said, adding, “We have a lot of people on all parts of the route to check everybody.”

Minutes after the first duck boat left the Garden at 11 a.m., Sean Geary allegedly climbed a city light pole across from 151 Tremont St. and refused to come down until an officer moved toward him. Geary, 19, eventually jumped down, reportedly breaking part of the pole in the process. According to the report, officials told Geary that he would be arrested if he were reinstated.

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Geary allegedly scaled a nearby pole before returning to the original pole, climbing up and refusing commands from several officers to come down, the report said. As an officer approached, Geary allegedly jumped into the crowd and attempted to flee. He was soon placed in handcuffs and arrested for disorderly conduct and vandalism. The police report indicated that officers suspected alcohol.

Several fans scaled city street posts during the Celtics’ championship parade Friday afternoon, resulting in one person being arrested for disorderly conduct and vandalism, according to a police report.David L. Ryan/Globe staff

Hours later, officers observed several women fighting in front of the main branch of the Boston Public Library on Boyston Street. Khadija Abdurrashid McCallum, 22, was handcuffed around 2 p.m., while officers told the other women to disperse, according to a police report.

The alleged victim of the fight, whose name has been redacted in the incident report, later returned to the area and told an officer he had a “beef” with Abdurrashid McCullum four years ago while at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She said Abdurrashid McCallum “started talking trash” when they met each other earlier Friday, prompting an officer to separate the two women, according to the report.

Abdurrashid McCullum later allegedly “jumped” her, according to the woman, who suffered cuts to her nose and forehead, but refused medical services, the report said.

It was unclear Friday whether Geary or Abdurrashid McCallum were represented by an attorney, and hearing information for them was not available.

A city officer suffered life-threatening injuries during Friday’s march, but a department spokeswoman said details of the injuries were not yet available Friday night. More than 30 people were treated for minor injuries and illnesses and taken to area hospitals, according to a Boston EMS spokesperson.

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Around 12 p.m., the crowd cheered as a fan was wheeled down Boyston Street on a stretcher, the Globe reported.

“With more than 80 EMTs and paramedics assigned to the event, we were able to provide first aid level care at field medical stations, avoiding additional transport to hospitals,” an EMS spokesperson said.

Globe reporter Ava Berger contributed to this report.

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