Ukraine War Presentation: Belgorod Goes Up in Fire Just After US Attack | Ukraine

  • Airstrikes reported in Belgorod, Russia Saturday morning. This comes after approval from the White House Attack using US-supplied weapons Used in Russia’s border areas for attacks on Ukraine. Belgorod is lying Kharkiv NorthIt came under fierce Russian attack.

  • In an interview with the Guardian, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has said it could use more “powerful” long-range weapons. It could strike targets deep inside Russian territory — something the White House has refused to approve.

  • Five people were killed and many injured in the shelling On Friday, the Russian-controlled Ukrainian city of Donetsk The local government established by Russia said. Independent verification was not possible and there was no immediate comment from Ukraine.

  • Ukraine and Russia Exchanged 75 prisoners of war each Friday in the first such transfer in three months, officials said. Ukraine recovered 212 bodies and Russia 45.

  • China’s government on Friday said it would be “difficult” to participate if Russia does not Swiss Peace Conference in Ukraine, to be held on June 15-16. Russia refuses to ratify the convention. Although China claims to be a neutral party in the Ukraine conflict, It was criticized It was accused of refusing to condemn the Russian invasion and of supplying Russia with weapons or the means to manufacture them.

  • Vladimir Putin’s government on Friday A group of women named “Foreign Agents”. Campaign for the return of conscripts from Ukraine. The Kremlin has put the same position on Yekaterina Duntsova, who tried to run against Putin in a sham presidential election in March.

  • Ukraine is to receive 2.2 billion USD From the IMF after successfully meeting the terms of an existing loan program, the Washington-based financial institution said. The deal is part of a US$122bn international support package designed to help Ukraine’s economy.

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  • America will Suspend tariffs on Ukrainian steel For another year, Joe Biden has announced. By 2023, Ukrainian steel would account for less than 1% of US imports, the US president said.

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