Ukraine war: Vitali Klitschko says Kiev suffered from new massive Russian drone strike

  • By Jaroslav Lukiv
  • BBC News

image source, Kyiv City Military Administration

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Kyiv officials say several buildings were hit by drone fragments

Russia has launched a new massive drone attack on Ukraine’s capital Kiev, local officials said.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said one person was killed when debris from a drone fell near a gas station. A woman was injured.

He said air defense forces shot down more than 20 drones heading towards Kyiv before a “new wave of drones” hit the city.

Russia has recently stepped up attacks on Kyiv in an effort to breach the capital’s defenses.

Earlier on Sunday, air raid warnings were activated in 12 regions of Ukraine, from Volyn in the northwest to Dnipropetrovsk in the southeast.

In a post on social media, Mr Klitschko urged Kyiv residents to “stay in shelter”, warning that the night would be “difficult”.

He said at least two high-rise buildings in different districts of the capital caught fire after falling and being hit by drone fragments.

Emergency personnel have been deployed.

There were also reports of explosions in the city of Zhytomyr, west of Kiev.

The air alert was later lifted in the capital and across the country.

In its latest attacks, Russia has used so-called kamikaze drones and a variety of cruise and ballistic missiles.

The attacks came ahead of a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s powerful National Defense and Security Council, said the offensive to retake the territory from President Vladimir Putin’s occupation forces would begin “tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or a week.”

Ukraine has been planning a counterattack for months. But it wanted as much time as possible to train troops and acquire military equipment from Western allies.

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