2 officers were killed while investigating a stolen vehicle in Salina, New York

A suspect was killed during a shootout with officers.

A sheriff's deputy and a police officer were killed in a shooting while investigating a reported stolen vehicle in Salina, New York, authorities confirmed early Monday.

The fallen officers, later identified as Syracuse Police Department Officer Michael Jensen and Lt. Michael Housak of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, were part of a team of investigators searching for a stolen vehicle on Darien Drive, Syracuse police said.

When they entered the address, a suspect opened fire and a gun battle ensued between the officers and the suspect, police said.

Christopher R. Murphy, 33, the suspect, was hit and killed, according to police.

Jensen and Hoosak were taken to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead, police said.

“We lost two heroes tonight,” Syracuse Police Chief Joe Sicily said at an early morning news conference.

The incident was sparked Monday morning after Syracuse police officers attempted a traffic stop. When the vehicle did not stop, officers obtained the license plate number and drove to the corresponding location, officials said.

“[Officers] “As they learned additional information that the driver of the vehicle may be armed, they requested assistance from the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office,” Ceclie told reporters.

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“It's a dark day for Syracuse. It's our worst nightmare come true,” Mayor Ben Walsh said at a news conference. “Our thoughts are with the families of those two officers right now, two heroes, if anyone knows a family member of a police officer, give them a hug. This is their worst nightmare and for all of us. The law enforcement community today.”

The investigation is ongoing and police are still examining body-worn cameras, ballistics and other evidence, officials said at an afternoon news conference.

The New York State Attorney General's Office will also assist in the investigation.

Jensen, who lives with his parents and sister, has been with the police department for more than two years, Cecile told reporters.

Hoosak, a married father of three, joined the Ontaga County Sheriff's Office in 2007 and has received several commendations and medals for his service, including a Medal of Valor in 2020, according to Sheriff Toby Shelley.

He also served as a volunteer firefighter, said Ryan McMahon, Onondaga County executive.

“This is an incredible man,” McMahon said at a news conference. “As the mayor and sheriff and Chief Cecil point out, right now our community is in shock and we're in pain.”

ABC News' Megan Wordell and Darren Reynolds contributed to this report.

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