FBI opens criminal probe into Baltimore bridge collapse, AP source says

The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation Fatal decline Francis Scott Key Bridge of Baltimore is the opinion of someone familiar with the circumstances that led to it and whether all federal laws were followed.

The person was not authorized to publicly discuss details of the investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

In a statement Monday, the FBI was on board the freighter Daly, which was involved in court-authorized law enforcement operations. It did not elaborate and said it would not comment further on the investigation, which was first reported by The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on Monday announced a partnership with two law firms to “initiate legal action to hold wrongdoers accountable” and mitigate harm to city residents.

Massive Dolly In the early morning hours of March 26, it struck one of the ships while leaving Baltimore Harbor with cargo bound for Sri Lanka. Supporting columns of the bridgeThe gap sends it crashing into the Patapsco River Six members of a Road Works Committee drowning in their death.

Divers recovered three of the six bodies from the wreckage.

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jennifer Homandy said last week that investigators were focusing on the ship. Electrical power system. The ship was electrocuted moments before the crash, and videos show its lights turning off and on again.

The information obtained from the ship's voyage data recorder is relatively basic, Homandy said, “so the information in the engine room will help us a lot.”

In its statement announcing its partnership with law firms, the city of Scott said it will “take affirmative action to hold all entities responsible, including the owner of the main bridge, the charterer, the manager/operator and the manufacturer of the M/V Daly, as well as any other potentially responsible third parties.”

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told the ship's owner It already seeks to reduce the company's liabilityThe city must act quickly to protect its own interests.

The investigation comes amid concerns about Protection of thousands of American bridges And after more than two dozen riverboats broke loose and hit a closed gap In Pittsburgh.

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