Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko in action: live updates, results, highlights

Haney vs. Lomachenko; Round 5

Haney now shows great sweeping motion for his body shots. He has taken 17 body shots so far. Hany asserts his size and physicality well against Lomachenko. As said, Loma steps in and lands a piercing shot. They tag back in and Loma falls to the canvas. They get up and Loma goes to the body this time. (10-9 damage, 49-46 damage)

Haney vs. Lomachenko; Round 4

Haney executes a back leg and landing hooks as Loma goes inside. Has Hani found him? A right hand lands for Haney who is setting up a nice back foot. Southpaw jab now pulls Loma’s head back. They get stuck and fall. Body shot from Hani before Loma sneaks in a short hook. (10-9 Hari, 39-37 Hari)

Haney vs. Lomachenko; Round 3

Five of Haney’s 10 punches in the second round were to the body. Already, “Dream” goes to the body early twice this round. As Loma takes over, the opposite right joins Haynie. Double left hand action by Lomachenko. A piercing left follows. They both punch in before ref Harvey Dog breaks them up. Head shot lands for Lomachenko, who adds a split combination.

He now understands Hani better. Not a slow start tonight from Lomachenko. His engine has been updated. (10-9 Lomachenko, 29-28 Hani)

Haney vs. Lomachenko; Round 2

A crisp, perfect right hook connects for Haynie. But here Lomachenko re-enters and is in the pocket. Big body shot for Hani with a crushing right hand. Harm is also a counterclaim land. Loma responds by peppering Honey with a buzz. A straight left from Loma that ends the round with some lightning fast punches that land Hani. Still, the “dream” round. (10-9 damage, 20-18 damage)

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Devin Haney vs. Vasily Lomachenko; Round 1

Haney, the big man, already had a flush left hook before adding two body shots. He is already making good on his vow to attack Lomachenko. Now, Honey is confirming the forfeiture. Loma has a flutter but nothing to do with impact force. It’s interesting because Loma already looks like he’s closing the gap by cutting the ring off, but Hani is landing better, more meaningful shots in this opening round. (10-9 damage)

The undisputed champion is here

Devin Haney wants to seal it His Time. A convincing win against Loma tonight will do just that. Haynie has four lightweight world titles on the line.

Here comes Lomachenko

The former three-division world champion exudes a relaxed but intense focus.

Main event time

Will Devin Haney keep his promise to dominate Vasily Lomachenko? Or will Loma prove he has plenty left and turn the “dream” into a nightmare? We’re about to learn that Haynie’s undisputed lightweight world championship is at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and we’re going to live it up on this pay-per-view.

Valdez completely dominates Lopez in a unanimous decision win

The judges scored 98-92, 98-91 and 97-93 in favor of Valdez. He kept up the pressure with a steady buffet of shots. Lopez hung tough but took plenty of punishment from a rejuvenated Valdez, who now faces WBO junior lightweight world champion Emanuel Navarrete in what should be a fireworks-filled fight.

In the 10th round Valdez butted heads with Lopez, who took the brunt of the collision to the nose. Valdez threatened the knockout, but Lopez managed to survive. However, it was Valdez’s absolute dominance.

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Valdez continues to lead

Valdez is sharp with more pop to his punches through six rounds. (Valdez 60-54)

Valdez looks sharp

Give Lopez some credit for fighting back but he took some hard shots from Valdes in that third round.

Through three rounds, Valdez has shown no signs of being fired in over a year.

Referee Harvey Doc gives Loma instructions on the break

Interesting footage from the locker room, telling referee Harvey Doc Lomachenko that he’ll be there during the break, lets both fighters know when to resume. This was perhaps expected after Devin Haney accused Loma of being dirty for punching past opponents during the break.

Parallel feature on the deck

Former two-division world champion Oscar Valdez (30-1, 23 KOs) faces Adam Lopez (16-4, 6 KOs), their 2019 fight won by Valdez via seventh-round TKO.

Here’s Shakur Stevenson congratulating Valdez following their own April 2022 fight. Valdez has not fought since suffering his first pro loss in that bout.

Jim Brown was given a 10-bell salute

Let the legend rest in peace.

Muradalla scores a second-round TKO of Nagatila

“Danger,” indeed! Noticing Nagatila’s knack for keeping his chin high in the air, Muradalla blasts him with right hands before unleashing a flurry of shots until the referee steps in to declare it a second-round TKO.

Muradalla really rocked Nagatila with some crushing right hooks that spun Nagatila’s head around with a whiplash effect. Next up was a big message from Muradalla who favored the winner of Devin Haney-Vasily Lomachenko.

Lightweight action keeps things moving

Raymond “Danger” Muradalla (17-0, 14 KOs) takes on Jeremiah Nagatila (23-2, 19 KOs) in a 10-round bout to open this pay-per-view.

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This Haney-Lomachenko PPV is LIVE!

Order Here in America Devin Haney took things to another extreme by moving Vassily Lomachenko into the weigh-in stage on Friday. Will he defend his undisputed lightweight crown tonight? We’re about to find out as this pay-per-view main card is now live.

Nagatani delivers a devastating 12th round KO!

A completely unforgiving knockout shot and it came off an overhand from Nakatani. A KO disaster as you can see.

Junto Nakatani is the new WBO Junior Bantamweight World Champion behind KO of the Year pioneer.

Nakadani takes down Moloney again

A sharpshooting Nakadani blasts a straight left hand through the guard to drop Moloney again – this time in the 11th round!

Moloney’s corner was supposed to stop the match after the round, but allowed him to continue. Now I don’t like Moloney’s body language and think the ref should have stopped the match in his directions to follow up with the knockdown.

Shakur Stevenson makes his prediction tonight

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