iOS 16.5 breaks compatibility with Apple’s Lightning USB 3 dongle

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 16.5 to the public with new wallpaper choices, updates to Apple News, and more. It turns out, this update also breaks compatibility with Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Companion for iPhone and iPad users.

This dongle connects to an iPhone or iPad via Lightning and has a built-in USB-A port that you can use to connect countless accessories to your iPhone or iPad. There’s also a built-in Lightning port for charging an iPhone or iPad. However, according to users who rely on this accessory, iOS 16.5 breaks compatibility with both of those ports.

In posts at Apple support forums, RedditAnd this Macroomers Forums, users are reporting that the Lightning and USB-A ports on this accessory have become useless after updating to iOS 16.5. The Lightning port does not pass the power to charge the iPhone and iPad. Connecting an accessory to the adapter via USB-A gives an error message saying the adapter needs too much power.

While Apple bills it as a “camera adapter accessory,” iPhone and iPad users actually rely on it to connect a range of USB-A products to their devices. This includes Ethernet adapters, digital audio converters, and more.

One affected user explains:

The iPhone 13 Pro Max hits the same issue here. I’ve been using the official Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter for months to send lossless Apple Music to my DAC, and it worked flawlessly and charged my phone at the same time. After I updated to iOS 16.5 this morning, not only does the adapter not communicate with the DAC, it won’t charge my phone. When I test plugging it into an iPad with an earlier OS version, it communicates and charges fine.

This must be an issue with iOS 16.5, and I hope it gets fixed soon – an official Apple accessory looks too bad to be disabled by a step update to iOS.

Apple Support is unable to assist affected customers. The problem may be software-related, linked to the release of iOS 16.5. This means that Apple may need to release iOS 16.5.1 at some point in the future to fix compatibility with the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter accessory.

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