Justin Bieber Shares Crying Pics, Hailey Bieber Responds

Justin Bieber

She shared pictures of her crying…

Pretty Crier, Hayley says

Justin BieberLets fans in on an emotional moment … sharing pictures of himself crying on Instagram – and his wife's reaction.

The beloved singer-songwriter shared the pictures as part of a series of posts she shared on Friday … and they're all pretty eclectic, we must say.

In fact, these pictures of Justin in tears are completely surrounded by other random pictures… including two pictures of him on stage and a blurry picture of what appears to be weed.

However, the shots show a whole different side of JB … a lot more relaxed and mellow than what many are used to seeing — and, like we said, they prompted a response from Justin's better half.

Hailey Bieber jumped on her own IG to respond to Justin's post … calling him a “pretty crybaby” — so it seems she didn't care too much about the pictures.

Other fans though … they responded with more concern than HB — questioning why the pop superstar would shed a few tears asking if Justin was okay.

Take a look around Bieber's other posts from yesterday and you'll see … it's basically photo dump after photo dump — so, as far as we can tell, there hasn't been any emotional breakdown lately.

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So, Justin's fans can rest easy…and enjoy Bieber's rotting face just like Hailey did.

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