“That was my first suro.”

Spoiler alert: This article contains details about it Challenges.

By Luca Guadagnino Challenges It opened at the top of the US box office, and a scene from the film went viral on social media.

That particular scene involves Josh O'Connor's Patrick and Mike Feist's Art eating churros. At this point in the film, Patrick meets his girlfriend Tashi (Zendaya) at Stanford, but first meets his best friend Art at a cafeteria, where they bond over doughy pastries.

“What can I say… that was my first churro and I didn't eat anything that day,” O'Connor said in an interview. Capital FM. “So I was starving, and I tasted my first churro—and churros are extraordinary. So I ate mine, and then I ate his. [pointing to Faist].”

Then Zendaya said, “Suro isn't scripted, is it? The churro you found right with Luca?”

“Definitely a Luca thing,” said Feist and O'Connor, referring to the director.

Mike Feist and Josh O'Connor share a hug in a scene from 'Challengers'

Mike Feist and Josh O'Connor share a scene in 'Challengers'

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In a separate interview USA TodayFeist said the scene was “about the interaction between them” and that there was definitely some development between them.

“So when Josh puts that suro in my mouth, it's pretty obvious I'm going to bite his suro,” Feist laughed. “But that's the great thing about working with Josh: He pushes you for something, and I hit the ball back. It's like a game of tennis – we give each other something to play for.

Guadagnino said, deeply immersed in the scene The New York Times The scene “depicts a moment and an evolution [the duo] A friendship diverted by the third person.

“Basically what we're seeing is a kind of flirtation between these two young guys, a lust for Tashi, but at the same time, jealousy fueling the relationship. And, probably, these two guys are jealous of each other, not just Tashi,” The Challenges Director said.

Guadagnino notes that throughout the scene, Patrick and Art are in a “constant battle” and “they fight but care for each other.”

“When the sugar goes on Patrick's cheek, I would say that art is kinder and more intimate with his hand,” Guadagnino added. “But at the same time, they're really nervous. And I think it's about being jealous of each other, but at the same time, liking each other, which we try to play and Josh and Mike do in a beautiful way on the line.

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